the-IoT.cloud is a personal blog about everything Edge and IoT maintained by Marco Tijbout. It primarily focuses on the everyday tasks of an IT/OT administrator working with VMware’s solutions for Edge and IoT. In addition to these topics, Marco also provides many tips and tricks learned from various projects he worked on.


I am currently a Staff Solutions Engineer in the VMware Edge and IoT Business Unit (EIBU) at VMware. I primarily focus on the Control Plane of the Internet of Things challenges. One of my responsibilities will be driving Customer Success adopting IoT and help provide early feedback on the usability, design and architecture of new Edge and IoT features and capabilities. I will also be working closely with Engineering & Product Management on developing new ideas and integrations to our SaaS and/or extended to our on-prem customers. Lastly, through customer interactions and feedback I continue to help champion their challenges and needs to help further improve our products and services.

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