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As of recent, there is a new tool in the toolbox to work with the Pulse API. When working with Pulse there are many possibilities leveraging the capabilities thru API calls from other systems you currently use or plan to integrate, for example integrating with your CI/CD tools and/or as part of your automation initiatives.

Next to the online documentation there is now the possibility to explore the API directly in “Swagger style”. For that Pulse exposes openapi. This blog takes you through the first steps of accessing this new feature.

Note: Currently as of writing this article it is still in Beta.

It is the openapi GUI that you can find here: https://<instance>

To be able to work with the API you need to Authorize yourself against the environment. For that click on the Authorize button:

On the next screen you need to fill-out:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Click Authorize
  4. Click Close

We need to close the window because we need to get the Beaer token from one of the API calls.

On the next screen click on Acquire Token | GET /api/tokens:

Next, click on the button Try it Out:

Followed by Execute on the blue bar:

You will get information back that you can find under Server response:

Here you need to select and copy the value information between the quotes of the property accessToken.  

Go back to the top of the page and click Authorize:

Paste the copied value into the BearerAuth box, click Authorize and click Close:

When scrolling down the page you will notice that all the locks on the right side are now closed.

The different API are ready to use for testing.

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